What to do after 12th? / Career Options / Guidance after 12th

What to do after 12th?

Today we came with an article of What to do after 12th?. In this, we will see what kind of courses you can do after 12th if are confused about your career.

The results of XII (10 + 2) have started to come. There are some types of discussions in each house which are sometimes hot like “What will you do next?” What kind of course, should be done? Should you do B.A. or BCA, or go for fashion designing? What to do after 12th?” After such questions, students also get into thinking about what to do.

Those who have recently given 12th board exams and are waiting, step into a new world. The new world that will help them in the path of their success in creating a new and different identity. But finding a way to success is not easy. At a time where there is a new tomorrow, there is a confusion about which path to be chosen for this success?

Career Factdda.

Choosing the right option for a better career is very important. Because success not only gets hard work but gets the right decision at the right time. Choosing an option based on your merit is compulsory for every student, making any decision in any pressure or lack of information in all areas of careers can cause difficulties for your career. Therefore, it is very important that you should know that in 12 months you can create a career in the field of choice (art, commerce or science).

I Think It Is Possible For Ordinary People To Choose To Be Extraordinary

Elon Musk

The possibilities are limitless, just need awareness. Every student’s intellectual ability is different, not necessarily to become a big government officer, and it is not necessary that if you can not get 80 or 90 per cent numbers, then you can not have a golden future. Do not allow this mentality to dominate itself, that only government jobs are good. You have to determine your career according to your interest or talent, just go ahead with this thought.

So let us tell you what are those areas for students, who can become a better choice for their career.

Career Options/Guidance after 12th

1. Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneur factadda

If you are thinking ahead of your own business then this course can help you. Here you are given training on what kind of business you can start and how to develop them. For this, the Indian Institute of Entrepreneurship is the best institution.

2. Fashion Designing

Fashion Designing Factadda

After 12th, the fashion designing course is a better option to get up to date. If you have a different identity in fashion itself and your interest is in the field of designing, then this course can give you success.

3. Hotel Management

Hotel Management Factadda

After the 12th, the course of hotel management is also a good option. Today the youths are moving forward towards this and millions of people are succeeding in this.

4. Teacher

Teacher Factadda

After the 12th, if you want to go to the academic line, you can do B.Ed. from the top universities of the country.

5. Tourism Management

Tourism Factadda

If you are interested in the history of your country and have trends in tourism, then you can start your career as a tourist guide by doing a tourism management course after the 12th.

6. Event Management

event managements factadda

The event management course is also a good solution after 12th and professionalism is also very demanding for this course. By choosing this field, you can reach the peak in a very short time by choosing it in a very short time.

7. Foreign Language Course

foreign factadda

Today, while the number of multinational companies is increasing in the country, in this case, the Foreign Language Course can be beneficial for you. This course can be successful not only in the private sector but in the government sector too.

8. Mass Communication

mass communication factadda

Mass Communication is a very fame course in today’s time. Through this, you can become a journalist, content writer, technical writer, content editor, public relations officer. Can also make a career in the field of marketing in the field of advertising.

9. Beautician Course

beautician course factadda

The beautician’s demands are from small to large and in such a way, you can start a better career as a beautician. There are also many famous institutions for this.

10. Multimedia

multimedia factadda

By doing a multimedia course, you can move forward in the field of animation and advertising in every stream.

11. Librarian

liabrarian factadda

In addition, after 12th, you can start your career as a librarian in both government and private institutions by doing a librarian course.

12. Government Sector

Government sector factadda

If you want to go to the Government Sector, then you can also be applicable for SSC, LDC, Railway job, Banking Clerk job, Conceptable JBT, NTT, IB (Assistant) etc.

13. Acting Course

acting courses factadda

If you want to be an actor in your field of acting, then after 12th you can do the acting course directly. There are many government and private institutions where you can go ahead in the acting field.

14. IT sector

IT Sector factadda

If you want to go to the IT sector, you can make a career in the IT field by doing a Bachelor in Computer Application (BCA).

Hope you liked our article of What to do after 12th? / Career Options/Guidance after 12th.

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