Top 5 Traditional Sweets of Bodh Gaya

Top 5 Traditional Sweets of Bodh Gaya

Top 5 Popular Sweets of Bodhgaya

Hey, guys are you a fast food lover? Do you always remain in peasels of diverse cuisines of difficult places? And even if you are not but when you are dying of hunger, you will not wait to want to make food. Then only street food will come to play its role. And if it is something best out of a particular place than I am dam sure you will always have several excuses to have them.
Let me just tell you Top 5 Traditional Sweets of Bodh Gaya that most of you must be aware of.

Bodh Gaya a place in Bihar is not only famous for its beauty and tourism specialities but also for the taste that it gives to Bihar and makes it more popular and sweet place. Tourists even prefer them a lot. They just don’t have it rather they take it for their family too. If you are sweet tooth then you can have these – an array Khaja, Tilkut, Lai, Kesadi Peda. They are in great demand especially in Makar Shankranti you will have to queue in time to buy them.

Let me just tell you more about these mouth watery Top 5 Traditional Sweets of Bodh Gaya and at the end, you will find your tongue out and longing with the extreme desire to have them.

1. Anarsa

Anarsa Factadda

Anarsa – commonly associated with Hindu festivals of Bihar. Anarsa is made from soaked powdered rice, jaggery or sugar. It is generally round or ball-shaped, deeply fried and processed with sugar and fills it up one of the best sweet. Anarsa is mostly prepared in rainy seasons and the auspicious occasion of Teez, Deepawali etc.

2. Khaja

Khaja Factadda

Khaja – the name itself provokes you to eat up immediately is believed to be a 2000 years old preparation. This crispy dessert is made from wheat flour, sugar, mewa, deep fried in oil. It melts in the mouth and its watery texture makes it very tempting. We need to fry it until it gets crispy. Then sugar syrup is added and they are soaked in this until they absorb it. After this, they are ready to tempt anyone to have them.

3. Lai

Lai Factadda

Lai – It is generally present everywhere but if we talk about the famous one then Lai of Gaya deserved the position. The main component of Lai is Rama Dana seeds. There Rama Dana seeds are processed and mixed with khoa and sugar to give rise to a dish-shaped sweet.

4. Tilkut

Tilkut Factadda

Tilkut – One of the best cuisines of Bihar Tilkut is prepared using til or sesame seeds. They are generally prepared with both sugar and jaggery. You can have it according to your taste of preference. Being a seasonal sweet, only karigars from Gaya are believed to impart the real taste. It is generally in great demon during the time of Makar Sankranti.

5. Kesari Peda

Kesar Peda - A Delightful Indian Dessert

Kesari Peda – it is an Indian tradition to serve our guest with sweets. And Kesari Peda is one of the best dishes to fulfil your requirement. Made with khoya, it tastes superb. When you will get the flavours of saffron, you won’t be able to resist yourself from having them. Being too soft you will not need to chew them, instead, they will immediately get mixed up in your mouth.

So, guys, that’s all about these interesting Top 5 Traditional Sweets of Bodh Gaya.

Now I am unable to resist myself and can’t keep myself away from there any more. I am going to have them as quickly as possible and hope you are also in the same position as I am in. Aren’t you?

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