Top 5 Plants releases oxygen at night

Top 5 Plants releases oxygen at night

Before starting our topic Top 5 Plants releases oxygen at night, we first understand how oxygen is produced by plants and what are its sources? and why do we need this? Do you eager to know?

So let’s start,
We are very blessed and thankful to plants and trees that they emit oxygen for us so that we can stay alive but you know oxygen produced by plants is just a waste for them. Let me explain why?

Oxygen is produced in the process of photosynthesis.  It is a process where leaves of the plants firstly drink the water coming through roots, use the sunlight from the air and create their own food which is called sugars.  While this process is going on,  oxygen is made.  But, the plants don’t need all that oxygen so they release their excess oxygen into the air and thus, we breathe it.

We are so lucky that the waste of the plants is essential ingredients for us to breathe properly and stay alive.

Hope,  you understood how oxygen is produced by plants.

So, let’s see the Top 5 Plants releases oxygen at night

1. Neem Tree

neem factadda

Neem Tree is a common tree found anywhere in the country.  It indicates the synonyms of purity that it purifies the air during night time by emitting oxygen.  It also acts as a natural pesticide for mosquitoes. Small Neem Plant can also be used as bedroom plant but it needs a lot of patience,  good care,  plenty of sunlight in the room and using the best quality of the soil.

2. Aloe Vera

aloe vera factadda

Aloe Vera is also known as ‘ the plants improving the year of NASA’  NASA says that the plant is capable of removing the pollutant formaldehyde.  this plant gives plenty of oxygen at night and increases the longitude of our life.  it has no maintenance and n it has no maintenance and no daily watering is needed and easy to care.  it has lots of skin and health benefits that anyone can litter their house with pots of aloe vera and cut their branches anytime as they want and use it as it produces very easily too.

3. Peepal Tree

peepal tree factadda

Peepal Tree is a powerful source of oxygen. It has so many negative superstitions about it. Ex. – Do not sleep under the tree as ghosts roam around the tree at night and many more stories are to hear. Apart from it there are so many benefits of this tree as leaves of the tree is used for diabetes medication,  treatment of asthma,  avoid constipation,  and so on

4. Orchids

orchids factadda

Orchids are the best indoor plants for oxygen, especially for bedrooms. It gives off plenty of oxygen at night. Its huge bunches makes it so beautiful to see and nature-friendly. It also banishes xylene ( pollutant found in Paints)  and fills the room with fresh air to breathe. But the important thing is that it needs so much of sunlight to give all these benefits to us.

5. Areca Palm

areca palm factadda

Areca Palm is the best oxygen plant for home. It does not only give oxygen at night but efficient at absorbing all kinds of harmful gases and humidify the air and make the environment fresh. It needs less sunlight and can be grown anywhere up to 6-7 feet in height.

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