The Manchineel Tree or sometimes known as “little apple of death” is generally found in the sandy soils and mangroves of South Florida, the Caribbean, Central America and northern South America. The manchineel tree - Factadda

In Guinness World Record it is recorded as “World’s Most Dangerous Tree“.

the manchineel tree - factadda

When we see this plant it seems like the tree is very angry and want to kill us. The leaves of this tree are very tiny round in shape. Its fruit is similar to an apple of same almost same taste, shape and smell too. The fruit is also known as “Beach Apple”. If someone eats this fruit, he/she can face a lot of problems like face may become red with full of rashes, the body will pain severally, the neck will become heavy. And not only this, but it can cause breathing problems also and sometimes this breathing problem can cause death.

mancheneel tree factadda
This tree grows up to 15 metres (49 ft.) tall. The tree produces a thick milky sap, which oozes out everything – the bark, the leaves and even the fruit curd can cause a severe burn like blisters if it comes into contact with skin.

mancheneel tree factadda
Don’t even think of standing under this tree when it is raining, because when the raindrops come with contact with leaves, it releases diluted sap and mixes with the raindrops which can severely burn your skin. So the Government start putting caution board in front of the tree so that people can aware of it.

“The Manchineel Tree is a curse for other trees as trees exhale for us so that we can inhale them to stay alive.

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