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Today we came with an article of Abilities to become a Pilot. Here we will share what are the abilities needed in a person to become a pilot.

There are many types of pilots. There are different criteria to become a pilot or commercial pilot with the air force. Many people also become private pilots. There are separate courses and licenses for all of them. Five types of pilots can be made in the country. There is a separate processor to become a pilot in the army. There are separate tests for this. So let’s explore all these things in detail how to make a career in this field.

If you have to make a career in the Air Force, then you have to prepare separately for this. In this, people get the chance to run fighter planes, helicopters and transport pilots and for this, you get the chance to become a pilot through NDA, CDSE, NCC, AFCAT or Fast Track selection.

Abilities to become a Pilot

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Indian Navy

NDA, CDSE, Indian Navy Recruitment Examination has to be passed in order to become a fighter plane, helicopter or transport pilot in Navy’s fighter branch.

Indian Army

Under aviation corporation, you can be a helicopter pilot. For this, it has to pass NDA, CDSE and Indian Army Recruitment Examination.

Indian Coastguard

Under the Indian Coastguard, you can become helicopters and transport pilots. This requires passing the Indian Coast Guard Recruitment Examination.

Commercial pilot or Civil aviation

To become a pilot in this field, admission will be required in the Civil Aviation Institute. Training of commercial pilot costs up to Rs 50 lakhs.

Qualifications to become a pilot

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  • It is necessary to have 12th pass with physics, chemistry and maths.
  • In the 12th, 50 per cent marks are required.
  • Good spoken English.
  • Height should be at least 5 feet.
  • Eyesight should be correct.
  • Mental but physically also should be completely healthy.

How to get a pilot license to become a Commercial pilot

After 12th, students will have to apply for a Student Pilot License (SPL). To get this, admission will be required in the college under the Directorate General of Civil Aviation, DGCA. Here get admission test cleared. After passing the examination, the medical test has to be passed. After this, you will have to give a choice about many topics such as Air Regulations, Aviation Metrology, Air Navigation and Engine. Then you will finally get the SPL license.

For Further processing, PPL license has to be completed and it has to be completed in 60 hours. It is important to be 17 years old and it is necessary to have a medical certificate from the Armed Forces Central Medical Establishment in class 12. After that, the commercial pilot license is obtained. For this, apply for the commercial pilot license. This license requires about 250 hours of flying. Apart from this, the medical test has to be passed too. It costs about 20 to 25 lakh.

Top Pilot Institutes in India

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  • Asiatic International Aviation Academy, Indore

  • Blue Diamond Aviation, Pune

  • Acumen School of Pilot Training, Delhi

  • International School of Aviation, ISA, New Delhi

  • Indian Aviation Academy, Mumbai

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